The Problem

Small businesses fall into a number of all-too-common traps when trying to get a website off the ground. Here are a few that we hear over and over:

They go with a build-your-own-website service, where they are able to get 75% of what they want/need in a website, then find out after hours of customizing their site, that the system can't support the last 25% of what they need.

They try purchasing a WordPress theme that looked great in the demo. However when they install it and realize they don't have perfect images, an eye for design and hours upon hours to spend making it look right, they get frustrated and give up.

They Google "web design" and ask a few companies how much a custom website would cost, resulting in quotes from $200 up to $10,000 which cause even more confusion.

If they finally do get a website off the ground, the chances that it is developed to grow with their company with ease is very slim.

The Idea

We needed a way to bridge the gap between packaged theme deployment and custom WordPress builds. After 3 years of turning away smaller clients because we felt there was no good value for them in what we could provide, we now have a solution we are happy to introduce.

How it works

We start with a questionnaire, gathering valuable details about your companies look and feel, what the goal of your website is (yes, your website should have a goal!), and what you want to portray to your customers.

Then we take all this data, and source design elements that will fit your vision, we will even source you some royalty free images that you can use throughout the site.

We start development with our custom WordPress base, yes this is the same base we use for our clients needing a $10,000 website build. we build you a custom header and footer, a dedicated mobile menu and overall style to align to your brand.

Then we add the power of a front end page builder, set defaults and style the modules to match your custom design.

We provide the layout for your homepage, and a template or two for your interior pages to get you started.

The Result

The big issue facing small businesses when it comes to getting a custom website built, is that they face budget constraints that force them into getting a website that wont grow with them. It wont allow them to cost effectively build on top of that foundation they have laid down. As time goes by you should update your existing website, not be forced to rebuild it every time your company reaches that next level. Ready for a custom WordPress build at the price many companies are charging to throw you into a cookie cutter theme? Contact Us today!